Operation Data Collection

Data Gathering, Status Recognition, Data Analysis.

Patlite: IoT

Inspection data collection

Database Compilation of Inspection Data, Alert Processing, Fast and Accurate Data Gathering

Result Sheet, Verification Flow, Sequencer

Individual Management

ItemsManagement, Tools Management, Inventory Management

Asset Management: RFID

Warehouse management

Movement Management and Alerting, Supplier Management, One-Glance Stock History

WMS: 3PL Model, Factory Model,

Heat Sheild Coating

Temperature Protection, Heat Shield Effect, Certified Environment Authentication by the Ministry of Environment

Tracking Management

Information Management and Data Tracking, Driver Management, Reservation and Status Recognition


Integrated Payroll and Timekeeping Functions, Customization and Fast Development



Total Production and Inventory Control System (TPiCS).

Fast, inexpensive, and responsive to fluctuations in demand, but it is is production control system achieving stable production


Top share production schedule system in Japan

Ultrafast Logic, Visual Management, Inventory and Lead Time Reduction, Seamless Integration

Hitachi Job Management Partner 1

Hitachi JP1 is a solution from the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Business Group of Hitachi Asia Ltd., a leader in IT systems management solutions. The solution had garnered many awards due to its effectiveness in simplifying the management of IT systems, especially in the areas of IT Management, IT Workload Automation, IT Desktop Management, and IT Infrastructure Monitoring.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure refers to the hardware and software components, such as servers, storage, networking, virtualization software, services, and management tools, that support the computing requirements of a cloud computing model.

Under Development Solutions

Process Control, Traceability, CRP, MRP, Shipping Control, Accounting Integration, Attendance Management