Privacy Policy

The Seiko group (hereinafter called “Seiko”) takes care of various information including information gathered from our technical intelligence and customer as an enterprise that offers the total solution. Therefore, Seiko has tried to establish the information system management in order to esteem these information value thoroughly.
Given these circumstances, Seiko appropriately protects the personal information in accordance with this policy listed below, aiming to establish a rule making and a privacy policy, and making officers and employees to commit to the policy.

1. Collection, usage, and provision of personal information

Seiko establishes the system of management for personal information protection corresponding to each business realities in consideration of keeping customer’s information, and takes care appropriately in the active conduct of business according to a prescribed rule in the collection, usage, and provision of personal information.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

Seiko will comply with applicable laws and norms to the protection of personal information in the handling of personal information.
In addition, other standards that conform to these laws and to create Seiko’s personal information management rules.

3. Implementation of safety measures

Seiko has to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information in accordance with regulations for information security management, access to personal information, restricting the means of taking out personal information, such as measures to prevent unauthorized access from outside Conduct, loss of personal information, destruction, alteration, and strive to prevent leakage.

4. Respecting the rights of the information subjective of personal Information

Seiko respects the rights of information subjective regarding personal information, will respond in good faith for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information when they are requested.

5. Continuous improvement and lay down of the Personal Information Protection Management Regulations

Seiko will educate the importance of protecting personal information to officers and employees, and properly use it, establish rules to protect it, and steadily implement it.

6. Supplementary provision

1.This policy come into effect from February 1, 2005.
2. This policy also applies to personal information that had been obtained before Seiko enacts this policy.