With our company's understanding of the various technologies and issues, our certified engineers and systems developers can plan, design, implement and manage a project that addresses a customer's specific technical or business need. This project may include integration of new and/or existing software, hardware and other related services.

We fill an important link in the hosting value chain. We manage the hardware, network operating system and applications as well as provide all data backup, disaster recovery, software upgrades,website utilization statistics and more.

We are dedicated to delivering end-to-end solutions and hosting services to mid-sized enterprise clients at a very competitive monthly fee.

Furthermore, we have the knowledge and expertise to implement the following business solutions.

Seiko IT Solution Philippines, Inc. is the distributor of “TPICS-X”, the no. 1 production and inventory control system in Japan. TPICS-X works for manufacturing environments as an indispensable tool for achieving stable production, quick response to fickle demand, and efficiency by eliminating excess production.

TPICS-X is a software package for use in all kinds of manufacturing business and environments. It has sold more than 10,725 licenses to 1,639 companies worldwide.

TPICS-X is used by manufacturing enterprises in both small and large factory set ups in various industries, especially in automobile, consumer electronics, office automation equipment, electro-medical apparatus, precision instruments/machinery, food, chemicals, and fiber industries.

IT strategy in the age of change Becoming more flexible and more scalable —— Job Management Partner 1

In this age of change, companies need to continuously evolve their strategies in response to the demands of business. Concepts like “Compliance”,“Integration” and “Virtualization” has become commonplace trends in the IT marketplace and the adoption of “Cloud computing” is rapidly gaining momentum.

As a result, companies must vigorously engage in a review of their IT infrastructure to address this ongoing change.

To help companies build IT infrastructure which can cope with this age of change, Job Management Partner 1 (JP1), an integrated system management suite, has added the capabilities of Management in virtual environments, Agent-less monitoring and Enhanced automatic operations in its version 9 to comprehensively support the system operations of our customers.

Management in virtual environments Management in virtual environments

Server consolidation using virtualization technologies helps companies reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. In these virtual environments, however, optimizing computer resources to maintain overall performance is essential. The enhanced capability of JP1V9 supports stable server operations by proactively detecting problems before a serious condition is reached and by alerting the system administrator to avoid failures.
Agent-less monitoring Agent-less monitoring

JP1V9 implements agent-less monitoring to provide customers with immediate access to remote servers operational status. Agent-less monitoring and conventional agent based monitoring can be flexibly combined according to the needs of the server, such as having agent-less monitoring check basic performance while the agent captures detailed information, helping our customers optimize their business.
Enhanced automatic operations Enhanced automatic operations

When companies implement features like server consolidation in a virtual environment, the increase in job volume on a virtual server can seriously impact processing performance. JP1 V9 provides advanced features to help achieve significant improvement in processing performance. These features provide enhanced usability and operability, including optimization of information based on user needs to help businesses achieve more efficient operations.

Job Management Partner 1 Version 9

JP1 product lineup responding to diversified operational needs

To view the whole system operation

Need to efficiently manage the utilization status of your whole system, including virtual environments?
Need to easily monitor server operation status immediately from a remote terminal?
Need to reduce your management workload through centralized management of the whole system, including virtual environments?
To protect valuable IT assets

Need to check and appropriately maintain organization-wide security levels?

Need to check the usage status of software licenses?

Need to prevent unauthorized use of company PCs?

Need to prohibit internal information from being brought out via external media?
To run jobs according to a schedule

Need to automatically run routine jobs to eliminate manual operation errors?

Need to immediately detect job execution and abnormal status for immediate response?

Need to easily realize job collaboration on multiple servers?
PORT-IT System
A cost-efficient and flexible business solution geared towards building a smooth work process for harbor related business enterprise.


E-learning, a system that has been globally used as an effective and efficient Education or Learning tool, is not only for the different levels of education such as elementary, high school, and university or institute, but also for business entities.
For instance, e-learning system can be used in training modules of companies, such as product introduction, individual employee training, and even as a communication tool between top management and rank-and-file employees.
We provide all phases or levels of service to any group or firm willing to try and see the effectiveness of E-learning to their organization.

Consulting service

Planning for successful e-learning introduction
System development service

Integration of e-learning system to your existing system
Building up LMS (Learning Management System)

using open source LMS
Content development service

Based on Instructional design knowledge
Operation service

We will support operation
Hosting service

Our IDC (Internet data center) is located in Japan

We provide a complete set of Opensource service from feasibility study to deployment. With vast range of Opensource alternative, your company can save as much as half of the price compared to commercial software.
With the following concepts in mind Flexibility, Innovation, Cost reduction and Quality, hand in hand we will break through the barrier of proprietary software.

A best-of-breed concept is recommended for two sound reasons when realizing an SOA platform. Firstly, one should avoid vendor lock-in. Secondly, a fast response to business needs demands use of the best components for the case at hand.

The developers, firms and organizations operating in the open source environment stand out for their high agility and readiness to innovate. Open source communities that have achieved a critical mass can by all means stand comparison with the development departments of commercial manufacturers – or even beat them in terms of response time and innovation.

Total software costs can be reduced significantly by the use of open source. Not only does elimination of license costs with open source contribute here. Open source can also score points in the area of maintenance costs: The free competition between the open source service providers rules out premium prices from the very outset.

The "HULFT" Series: Securely Realizing Any Intra- or Inter-Company Data Collaboration

HULFT is middleware that performs various functions based on the TCP/IP protocol, including file transfer, between platforms connected to each other via a network. It can be used for platforms connected via a LAN.

The introduction of HULFT allows companies to exchange data securely and easily between machines using different code systems and file systems. It also offers a smooth shift from centralized processing based on mainframe computers to decentralized processing based on open systems and allows smooth data exchanges between networks.

In addition, it reduces the man-hours required for construction of systems for data delivery verification and code conversion at the time of file transfers.Having been incorporated by more than 7,400* companies in Japan as de facto standard file transfer software, HULFT offers strong support for information system construction in the high-speed, large-capacity network era.
APS (Advance Planning and Scheduling) System with Network Support

Asprova has implemented its high speed Production Scheduling System at over 1900 sites around the world and holds 58.4% market share in Japan.

Lean Manufacturing refers to production control techniques for elimanating waste from manufacturing. Asprova APS is the lean-manufacturing solution that provides users with a world-class production scheduling tool to empower the decision makers with the most up-to-date and accurate information about their manufacturing performance. It is production scheduling software that allows enterprises to visualize factory conditions and make the right decisions promptly.


Our Payroll system is design to provide ease of use to any type of user. From basic 201 File Maintenance up to Login Security. Payroll processing is done with 5 simple steps Time Data Checking, Initialization of Cut-off, Attendance Data Modification if necessary and finally the Payroll Processing itself.

Our Payroll is a web based system which can be access from anywhere within the Local Area Network or thru VPN from branches. Payroll Master process the payroll and optionally, leave, undertime, overtime and change of schedule can be done by Manager or Supervisor throught the Timekeeping System. Time record can be imported from Time capture device or from Excel file.


  • Designs and implements Network Systems for efficient resources usage and fast retrieval of information from internal resources (e.g. file server, mail server and similar system) as well as external resources (i.e. the internet).

  • Recommends hardware specification and configuration based on a holistic view and understanding of customer needs, concerns, and immediate requirement.

  • Provides security solutions for safeguarding company’s sensitive information as well as protecting the IT infrastructure from virus and other harmful software.

  • Provides hardware, off-the-shelf software sales, and after-sales support through a maintenance service agreement.

  • With the strength of our partnership with the leading distributor of IT and computer related products and services, we can provide clients the following value-add services:

    • Structured Wire Cabling

    • Wireless Network Setup

    • VPN connectivity


Harnessing the skills of our system analysts and programmers, we can provide customized applications to meet the needs of our client, such as interface application to existing systems vis-à-vis our software products to allow for data interchange and integration into the client’s existing system or work process.



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